Dames of Asstoria Core Rule Book - Digital Download - PRE-ORDER
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Dames of Asstoria Core Rule Book - Digital Download - PRE-ORDER

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The digital Core Rule Book for Dames of Asstoria, the newest PG-13 high fantasy TTRPG by Dead Tree Studios. Explore the land of Asstoria, where you play part animal/part god monster girls, called “Demi-Fauna,” and take part in quests and adventures in the hopes of earning enough prestige and recognition to become knighted as a Dame. 

NOTE: This product is on pre-order and expected to ship in August 2022. Purchasers will still gain a download link which will contain a thank you letter. The purpose of this is to properly log pre-orders into our digital delivery system. Once the product is released, a new updated download link will be sent out with the book files.


Dames of Asstoria uses a d100 percentile system for combat. Outside of combat, it uses a d10 dice system, where players roll a number of dice equal to their skill or base stat and succeed by having a minimum number of dice meet or exceed a target number. In this system, a die result of 1 or 10 are special. Each unmodified roll of 1 is a critical failure, and subtracts 1 from the result of the lowest die that met the target number. Rolling an unmodified 1 and not having enough successful dice to accomplish the task results in a critical failure. Each unmodified roll of a 10 "explodes", meaning that an additional dice is immediately added to the character's dice pool. This results in more chances to succeed or perform better.

For example, Khadija, the lamia, is attempting to lift a heavy rock. Her Strength is 4. The success target is: two - 6s. Meaning that Khadija will roll four dice, and must have two or more dice read 6 or higher. She rolls the four dice and gets a result of 1, 4, 6, and 10. The unmodified 1 subtracts 1 from her lowest succesful roll, turning the 6 into a 5. This would normally mean a failure, and a critical failure because of the 1 result. However, her roll of 10 allows her to roll an additional die, which comes up as a 6. With two results of 6 or higher, Khadija lifts the rock with some effort

Players build their own Demi-Fauna using mammalian, aquatic, avian, reptilian, and insect traits. Become your ideal monster girl waifu! Or play as a human for a more challenging experience.

Level up and progress your character using a multi-class system, called disciplines, based on the skills you advance. Unlock unique abilities and perks by mixing what abilities you put points into.

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